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Irrigation - Custom Kit Requirements

  • Measure the flow of the tap ideally with a 10 litre bucket for 1 minute then multiply by 60 to give flow rate in litres per hour. 75% of this figure is used to calculate how many sprayers you can run from 1 circuit (Zone)
  • Measure the length and width of borders. Then you can calculate what type of sprayers is suited to the width of the border. Remember all sprayers are double overlap. For instant the radius of the throw is the space between sprayers.
  • For the rotor sprayer and the vortex sprayer s the supply pipe is central in the border. For the strip spray 180 heads 90 heads the supply pipe is at the back of the border.
  • The distributor can cope with up to 6 circuits (zones) from 1 tap. Supply should be located in a situation near the main tap but also to suit your garden with individual lines to the borders.
  • The 16mm LDPE can be connected via 16mm to a ¾ adapter or the zones can be located away from the unit with normal hose pipe using snap-on connectors.
    A 16mm snap-on adapter will be used for the remote zones.

Specifications of sprayer types

  • Vortex 360 jet spray (whole circle) up to 4 metres in diameter, with a maximum flow rate of 90LPH (litres per hour) at pressure of 2 bar.
  • Rotor 360 jet spray up to 8 metres diameter with a flow rate of 123 lph pressure of 2 bar
  • Half circle 180 jet spray up to 3.2 radius with a maximum flow rate of 115 lph pressure of 2 bar
  • Strip spray non adjustable suitable for narrow borders up to 1 metre wide with a flow rate of 50 lph pressure 2 bar


A 750 litre per hour tap flow at 2 bar can provide 563 litres for each circuit (zone) at 75% calculation. For instance 5 rotor sprayers or 5 180 sprayers or 6 vortex sprayers could be run on this circuit. Other than the strip spray the sprayers are fully adjustable and can be mixed to suit different border widths .This way with individual control on each sprayer you can balance the system for fine adjustment. The main aim is to always to calculate at 75% of the flow otherwise pressure will drop and reduce flow rates will affect all sprayers The height of spray is adjustable on site and cut to length to suit the planting whether above or below the canopy. The 1310 micro irrigation system is fully adjustable to suit different border widths and plant heights and therefore can be tailor made to suit individual gardens.