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Rain Harvesting

Rain Harvesting House

Cut out picture showing house and garden

VF Filter with calmed inlet

VF Filter with calmed inlet

Definition of Rain Harvesting

Rain harvesting is a system that collects rainwater from where it falls rather than allows it to drain away.

It includes water that is collected within the boundaries of a property the roof and surrounding surfaces.

(Suds Glossary)

Benefits of rain harvesting

Benefits of rain harvesting are many, rain water harvesting replaces some of the water we use. 1/3 of our household water is in the flushing of toilets on average a 3o% to 50% saving can be made when rainwater is used for toilets, washing machine and the garden, this is a large saving if you are on a water meter. The saving to our household water in using in the garden is also substantial depending on the size of garden and usage. Rain harvesting also conserves the water in droughts and reduces run – off into the stormwater drainage system.